University of Bremen,
Leobener Str., 28359 Bremen, Germany
Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT)
Dept. 10, General and Theoretical Ecology (head Prof. Dr. Juliane Filser)

Prof. Dr. Hartmut H. Koehler
UFT 2140
fone: ++49 x421 218-63303
fax: ++49 x421 218-7654
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Research interests:

soil ecology, soil degradation and restoration, succession, soil mesofauna (Gamasina), biodiversity, long-term ecosystem research
ecological aspects of biochar aplication (link to video on swiss biochar production)

Courses 2013:
Courses 2012:
  • fall/winter 2012/13 Master of Ecology, module Sustainability Research
  • summer/winter 2012: FIT-in-MINT
  • summer 2012: summerschool with Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA, USA) Sustainability, with Prof. Heiman
  • summer 2012: Grundkurs Ökologie, Formenkenntnis Tiere
On demand:

Beautiful Belgien mite website

Natl Geographic, Feb 2010:
E.O. Wilson, Life in a Cubic Foot

Introduction to the determination of soil predatory mites Gamasina (half day one week minimum; in German or English)

Curriculum Vitae

1970-1978: Studies in Biology, Chemistry and Education at the German Universities of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Göttingen and Bremen and at the University of California, Santa Barbara (USA).

Diploma thesis (Göttingen): Nahrungsspektrum und Nahrungsumsatz zweier Carabiden des Sollings, Pterostichus oblongopunctatus (F.) und Pterostichus metallicus (F.)

1984: Dr. rer. nat. at University of Bremen
Doctoral thesis: Methodological, ecological and experimental studies on the succession of soil mesofauna

1997: Venia legendi in Ecology.

Researcher, project leader and professor at the University of Bremen.

Private address: Uppen Barg 2, 28865 Lilienthal, +49 4298 - 31403

ReviTec was among four from 1500 projects to be presented to Horst Köhler, then president of Germany


Subject related partnership with the University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroon (DAAD)

Oktober 2009: Deutsch chinesische Promenade: Workshop Biogener Erosionsschutz,

DesertDrip (en, de):

ReviTal05, Land Bremen: Development of the ecological technology ReviTec® to combat degradation
Report 2007(German)

Restoration of degraded sites at Mallorca with Quercus ilex (MedOak: Mediterranean Oaks). Cooperation: Ajuntament de Calvia (Mallorca); G. Pfitsch, Eccolog (Ecologia, Compostes, Logistica ; Calvia, Mallorca); C. Zayas ( Amics de la Tierra, Soller, Mallorca).

Koehler et al. (2004), Kesel et al. 2006 buttonEl Mundo (11.05.05 a) buttonEl Mundo (11.05.05 b)

Development of biodiversity in a succession of 20 years with recommendations for management (BMBF: BIOLOG Biodiversität). Cooperation (Uni. Bremen): Dr. J. Müller (Botany).
Report 2003 (German), English Summary

"Werk Tanne"; BMBF, Land Bremen: Development and validation of plant-based soil-decontamination for industrial-sites and derelict military sites (). Cooperation (UFT): Prof. Jastorff (Bioorganic Chemistry), Prof. Heyser (Physiological Plant-Anatomy), Prof. Tippkötter (Soil Science). Partner: Umweltschutz Nord GmbH, Ganderkesee.
Koehler et al. 2002

International Cooperation

Université de Ngaoundéré, Cameroon: Subject related partnership (DAAD); Master of Ecology, ReviTec-cameroon
Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt (Prof. Dr. Raouf Moustafa; MoU): arid ecosystems, biodiversity, restoration
University of Latvia , Riga, and Institute of Biology, Salaspils, Latvia (Prof. Dr. V. Melecis; MoU): Long-term ecosystem research (LTER), Coastal ecology,, Soil ecology, Taxonomy of Gamasina
Inner Mongolia Academy of Forestry
Science (Hohhot) (MoU)


Selected references

Koehler,H.& Melecis,V. (2010). Long-term observations of soil mesofauna. In: Long term ecological research : between theory and application (eds F. Müller et al.), 203-220

Koehler, H., 2005: Application of Ecological Knowledge to Habitat Restoration, in: Barthlott,W., Linsenmair,K.E., Porembski,S. (eds.): Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS). UNESCO & EOLSS Publisher, www.

Koehler, H., 2000: Natural regeneration and succession: results from a 13 yrs study with reference to mesofauna and vegetation, and implications for management. Landscape and Urban Planning 51: 123-130.

Koehler, H., 1999: Mesostigmatic mites. In: M. G. Paoletti (ed.): The role of biodiversity and bioindication in assessing sustainability in european landscapes. Agric., Ecosystems & Environment, 74: 395-410.

Koehler, H., K. Mathes, B. Breckling (eds.), 1999: Bodenökologie interdisziplinär. Springer, Berlin, etc., XII+241.
Koehler, H., E. Munderloh & S. Hofmann, 1995: Soil microarthropods (Acari, Collembola) from beach and dune: characteristics and ecosystem context. J. Coastal Cons. 1: 77-86.

Full list of publications


Project coordinator; field studies; laboratory planning and organization. Presentation of scientific results on science expositions (video, foto, poster, exhibits). Soil mesofauna identification, particularly Gamasina.

Field methods for entomology and soil fauna; extraction of soil animals; light microscopy; image processing; determination of Gamasina.


  • standard classes in General Ecology and zoological systematics (invertebrates);
  • graduate seminars on soil ecology, general ecology, succession, acarology, dune ecology, environmental ecology, arid ecosystems, recultivation, ecology and philosophy;
  • practicals: general ecology, soil ecology, invertebrate taxonomy, dune ecology;
  • field trips: Coastal ecosystems (Baltic Coast, North-Sea Islands, North-Sea Coast), Mallorca (Spain), Namibia.


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