Introduction to the
Determination of Gamasina

Prof. Dr. Hartmut H. Koehler
UFT 2520,Biogarten 14
fone: ++49 x421 218-63303
fax: ++49 x421 218-7654

Gamasina (Acari, Parasitiformes) are a diverse group of soil mesofauna, widely distributed with with medium abundances. The group has been described in bioindication studies and long term monitoring, e.g., of ecological succession or changes in land use.

For the introduction to the determination of Gamasina no pre-knowledge is necessary apart from an interest in species identification and some basic knowledge of light microscopy. The key used is in German: Karg 1993, Gustav Fischer. Specimen should be brought, slides can be prepared during the course.

  • Basics of dynamic extraction
  • Preparation of permanent slides
  • Introduction to Olympus research microscope with differential interference contrast (DIK) and digital foto unit
  • External morphology of Gamasina
  • Introduction to Karg's key
  • Determination of specimen
  • Archivation of slides and digital fotos

Our extensive data bank of digital fotos and an extensive slide collection allow to demonstrate features used in the key for identification.

The course is held in German in the microscopy lab of the UFT of the University of Bremen and can be given for individuals or small groups of up to three. Teaching Monday through Friday, 9:00-13:00.

Accommodation and meals have to be organized by the participant(s).

Fees to be negotiated.

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